Chemotherapy Waste

Fully compliant chemotherapy waste disposal solutions

We know the disposal of chemotherapy waste can be tricky, so we work hard to make it easy.

In Arizona, chemotherapy waste is defined as any discarded material that has come into contact with an agent that kills or prevents the reproduction of malignant cells. Confused? We help make chemotherapy waste disposal easy. When you trust US Bio-Clean with your chemotherapy waste management, you can rest assured that we’re up to date on the latest federal and state regulations so that you stay compliant. We can handle all of your chemotherapy waste disposal needs, including:
  • Trace chemotherapy waste (also known as yellow bag/container waste)
  • Hazardous chemotherapy waste (sometimes called bulk chemotherapy waste)
  • A complete line of FDA-compliant chemotherapy waste containers
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Our experts assist customers through the process of waste requirements, pick-up frequency and compliance questions.

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