Quick Guide to Compliance Training and Safety Plans

Download our handy guide to find out which safety plans you need to have on hand and what training your staff needs and when.

When dealing with biohazardous waste and other potential hazards, there are specific regulations you have to follow to ensure a safe workplace for all employees. That includes everything from bloodborne pathogens training to having a hazard communication plan.

Download our Online Compliance Quick Guide to Get the Basics

Safety Plans

Employers have to discuss the following safety plans with employees:

  • Emergency action
  • Fire prevention
  • Exposure control
  • Hazard communication

All employees must document that they have read these plans and know where they are stored.


Staff must be up-to-date on the necessary compliance training, which includes:

  • OSHA Bloodborne pathogens
  • OSHA Hazard communication
  • Medicare compliance and Medicare fraud, waste and abuse
  • D.O.T-R.M.W

Our Quick Guide tells you who needs to take each training and how often.


Online OSHA Training

OSHA bloodborne pathogens training is required every year. Are your employees current? Our online course makes it easy to stay compliant.

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