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Why Do Some Medical Waste Companies Assess a Fuel Charge?

A very common practice in the medical waste industry is to put a low monthly price on the front page of the contract and have many pages of fine print outlining fees that may be charged later. These may include fuel charges, environmental fees, stop fees, container surcharges or excess waste fees. These fees can oftentimes dramatically increase your original quote. Make sure you fully understand what you will be charged up front.

Another tactic is to increase these fees throughout the contract period in an arbitrary or systematic manner. Make no mistake this is a sneaky way to increase your promised price. It is not an honest or forthright manner to treat customers.

At US Bio-Clean the price quoted is the price you will be charged period! Why no fuel charges? Because all costs are included in the price we quote. We believe honest and straightforward pricing is the only way to maintain long lasting business relationships with our customers.

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