10 Industries That Need Proper Bio-Waste Disposal

  Hospitals are not the only institutions that require bio-waste collection and disposal services. Bio-waste or biomedical waste refers to waste that is highly infectious and putrescent. Because of its nature and source, biomedical waste has higher infection potential than household waste. Since it poses serious hazards to human life, biomedical waste has strict regulations regarding its collection, transport and disposal. Most regulations never permit storage and disposal of biomedical waste in facilities that only handle household waste. Here are the industries that need proper bio-waste disposal:

Doctor and Dentists’ Clinics

These medical facilities obviously generate medical waste. Like hospitals, medical and dental clinics produce biohazardous waste like used bandages, discarded medications, intravenous equipment, used needles and scalpels, and many more, which should be collected and disposed of by bio-waste companies.

Health Diagnostic Laboratories

Health diagnostic laboratories perform laboratory procedures for medical diagnosis purposes. They may generate biohazardous waste like used or broken lab hardware, chemical reagents, collected body fluids and microbe cultures. Only bio-waste companies must collect and dispose of biohazardous items produced in laboratories.

Biologic laboratories

These include labs that produce or refine vaccines and pharmaceuticals, offer DNA tests, or do advanced research work on disease-causing microbes for diagnosis and treatment. Biologic laboratories deal with things like pathogenic microorganisms, dangerous chemicals and body fluids. They also generate biohazardous waste, and therefore need the services of a bio-waste company.

Veterinary Clinics

Both sick and healthy animals receive treatment in veterinary clinics, so these institutions also generate biohazardous waste.

Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo parlors generate used sharps and blood-soaked bandages that are biohazardous. A bio-waste company must dispose of these materials.

Public Sanitation Departments

Although public sanitation departments are mainly responsible for collection and handling of municipal or household waste, they may inadvertently collect medical or biohazardous materials. Such collected biohazardous materials are illegal to process and dispose of along with ordinary refuse, so they may need the services of a bio-waste collection company to do the job.


Barbershops cut and trim hair, using razors, scissors and hair clippers. These items cannot be disposed of in municipal waste. And cut human hair may contain parasites. These items are biohazardous, so they need to be collected by bio-waste collection companies.

Park Management Offices

These are institutions that both manage and maintain parks. One of their responsibilities is to remove any animal carcasses for sanitation reasons. Therefore, park management offices must also hire bio-waste companies for collection and disposal of animal carcasses.

Pest Control Businesses

After extermination work has taken place, exterminators must collect the pests’ carcasses, which are riddled with dangerous chemicals. These carcasses should be disposed as biohazardous waste, taken care of by bio-waste disposal companies.

Retirement Homes

Senior citizens in retirement homes have a variety of medical needs, and often receive on-site health care services. Due to this, retirement homes may generate considerable medical waste, like expired medications, syringes, used diapers and other incontinence devices. So retirement homes need medical waste collection services as well.

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