All Medical Waste Transportation Companies are Not the Same

Let’s examine the facts. In Arizona, there are about a dozen businesses that are licensed by ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) to transport medical waste. Out of the registered transporters, only a handful make the practice of transporting medical waste their core discipline. Others either focus on crime scene clean up, janitorial services or reclaiming dental waste. They only transport medical waste as an ancillary service. This leaves you with very few choices. There are the highly overpriced publicly traded companies that lock you into a 3 to 5 year contract with unreasonable fees and unjustified price increases. While some smaller providers have employees that may not even be certified to handle potentially infectious waste. Additionally, drivers may not show up, be professionally dressed or understand the importance of good customer service. In the state of Arizona “the generator” is responsible for the final disposition of regulated medical waste. This means that you should have your bio hazardous waste removed by a provider that consists of industry experts. Employees should be trained to the highest standards of compliance and make the safe removal and disposal of your medical waste the top priority. Do’s and don’ts when qualifying a regulated medical waste transportation company for your business:
  • Do check with ADEQ, that the transportation service you wish to hire is registered with the state and in good standing.
  • Do ask the potential provider for proof of registry with ADEQ, as well as requisite insurances for vehicles and the environment.
  • Do ask the potential provider what they will do to assist you in remaining compliant and costs associated with such guidance.
  • Do ask if the fees for the proposed service at your facility are fixed and all inclusive.
  • Don’t sign a multi year contract, ever. This is how many companies continue to raise their customer’s prices 18% every 9 months. There is no reason to settle for a provider that wants to trap you into a multi year contract.
  • Don’t sign a contract with a provider that offers to temporarily lower your price. If they raised your prices in the past they will be sure to raise them again.
  • Don’t accept services from a provider that may not be able to assist you in compliance issues should they arise.
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