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Flexible Billing and 4 Other Ways US Bio-Clean Is Different

Medical waste disposal services as they should be — low cost, high value and with the flexibility needed to meet your ever-evolving business needs.

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When it comes to medical waste disposal services, you’ve probably resigned yourself to the fact that they will involve impossibly long contracts, unpredictable charges and rigid service agreements that don’t seem founded in reality.

“At US Bio-Clean, we believe there’s a better way, a more honest way,” says Russ Haedt, managing partner of US-Bio-Clean. “We’re committed to providing businesses in Arizona with a painless, easy and more cost-effective medical waste disposal experience.”

Here are just a few of the ways we consistently outperform our competition.

1. Flexible Service Agreements

Each medical facility is different and has unique needs. That’s a no-brainer, and that’s why we design custom programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of your business. Plus, we offer the flexibility to make changes to your service agreement, so you never overpay.

“Business needs are dynamic and ever-changing, and we understand that at US Bio-Clean,” Haedt says.

2. Lower Prices

Many medical waste disposal companies impose automatic price increases and/or charge hidden fees. But not us — our pricing is simple, honest, straightforward and all-inclusive. We never require multi-year contracts, automatically raise prices or charge hidden fees.

We also ensure you only pay for the services you actually use. That means we only charge for the waste we pick up, when we pick it up. There’s never an extra stop charge or setup fee. We don’t charge for mileage, fuel, documentation or environmental services. The price quoted is the price you’re charged.

3. No Long-Term Contracts

We’ve seen firsthand how many providers lock businesses into multi-year contracts in which the prices go up while the service goes down. “We don’t do that. We believe in earning your business every time we interact with you, which is why we never sign long-term contracts with our customers,” Haedt says.

This also protects you from getting trapped in a contract that continues to get more expensive while no longer meeting your company’s changing needs. Plus, we offer free cost analyses so you can see if breaking your current contract and partnering with us would help you save money.

4. Complete Compliance

Complete compliance with federal and state regulations not only keeps your employees and patients safe, it also protects your company from citations and fines. Our services are fully compliant. We’re licensed with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality as a biohazardous medical waste transporter and are fully insured to cover all aspects of our business.

“We carry a $2 million general liability insurance policy with an environmental endorsement, and each of our vehicles is fully insured,” Haedt says. “Every employee has passed a criminal background check and is drug tested annually as a condition of continued employment. We also check driving records every year.”

All US Bio-Clean drivers are certified hazardous materials specialists and receive ongoing training in OSHA bloodborne pathogens, hazard communications and HIPAA. Plus, our compliance team constantly monitors the ever-evolving federal and state regulatory landscapes and works to develop compliance strategies that benefit our customers. We also offer online OSHA, HIPAA and DOT training for your staff.

5. Locally Owned and Operated

Arizona has more stringent regulations than the federal government regarding the handling, disposal and treatment of biohazardous medical waste.

“We’re actually based in the state we do business in, so you’ll always get responsive, local customer support from experts in Arizona regulations,” Haedt says. “Our unwavering commitment to excellence and cutting-edge best practices are what make US Bio-Clean Arizona’s most trusted medical waste disposal company.”

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