US Bio-Clean Introduces Arizona’s First Electronic Manifest System

Arizona companies using the state’s first completely digital system will no longer have to maintain printed medical waste disposal manifest records to remain compliant.

If your company manages medical waste, you’re all-too-familiar with the manifests you must sign at each pickup. “Press hard. You’re making three copies,” they remind you. You securely file away one of the copies, according to federal law that dictates that you must keep the record for 12 months. Your organization also allocates precious company time to preventing damage to or loss of this all-important paperwork. If manifests are misplaced or destroyed, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) can find your company out of compliance and apply significant fines.

Beginning on March 1, Arizona companies that deal with medical waste will have the opportunity to completely transform their record-keeping, thanks to US Bio-Clean’s new electronic manifest system. This digital system will ensure that your organization never loses another printed manifest.

Going Digital Can Help Companies Stay Compliant

In an increasingly paperless world, it’s more and more difficult to keep track of printed copies. But ADEQ has the ability to request to see your company’s manifests at a moment’s notice, and if you’re unable to locate them, you could receive a Notice of Correction or Notice of Violation.

Non-compliance is a serious offense. ADEQ fees can cost $250 per day and are back-dated according to how long your company has been in violation. These fees can be harmful to any organization’s bottom line, and especially devastating to small businesses.

A First in Arizona

US Bio-Clean is the first medical waste company in Arizona to solve this record-keeping problem by implementing an electronic manifest system. After getting special approval from ADEQ in 2018, the company started beta-testing the system in early 2019. Electronic manifests will be available for customer use beginning on March 1. Until further notice, customers will receive both digital manifests and secondary paper copies. The new system will eventually replace printed manifests for all pickups.

To receive digital manifests, customers will sign electronically on a mobile device. A copy will then instantly be emailed to the customer email address on file with US Bio-Clean. That way, no matter who signs for the pickup, all manifests are sent to a single digital location. If emails are deleted, customers can also access digital copies of their manifests through the customer portal at any time. This means that when ADEQ comes calling, you’ll never have to hunt for paperwork again.

View Your Electronic Manifests Online

If you’re a US Bio-Clean customer, you can view your manifests by simply logging into the customer portal.

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