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How to Select a Reputable Medical Waste Company

Hiring a reputable medical waste company is crucial. The company will not only work for you as a subcontractor, but will also act as your partner in several important aspects of your business.

Cleaning services and waste disposal have become complex and specialized due to numerous state and federal laws. You want to be sure that your medical waste contractor strictly adheres to all guidelines and regulations to avoid future problems. If authorities discover that your waste contractor has been sloppy on the job, you too could be held liable.

Another important thing to look at is their level of expertise. This is important for services like medical waste and toxic waste collection and disposal – you would not want a massive spill, or any contamination incidents involving these types of waste.

It’s important to note that a widely known waste disposal company is not always reputable. There are also significant differences between a trash collection company and a medical waste services provider. So how can you choose the right one? Read more below:

A reputable company first performs several inspections, then submits a study or plan before signing a contract

If a waste contractor wants an agreement the next day, you should walk away. Good waste companies understand that there is diversity in business, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

Reputable companies first conduct several inspections on the site and present a study or plan regarding waste management before stating the price and offering the contract.

It is best to choose waste service companies that offer customized programs. Nothing surpasses a customized waste management program that perfectly suits the operations of your business.

The quoted price must be all-inclusive

Many medical waste companies charge surcharge fees (in addition to monthly fees) that are several times more than the original quote. Some include surcharges for things like fuel and labeled containers. Many waste companies also charge unreasonable fees for unscheduled pick-up or for collection of extra waste.

A waste disposal company that offers all-inclusive prices is a good choice. In an all-inclusive bill, the fees for things like fuel, mileage, documentation and environmental services must be included in the monthly fee as stated in the contract. If your waste contractor suddenly sends you a large bill that isn’t stipulated anywhere in the service contract, you should consider switching to a more honest provider.

They have a hotline you can call, and they will respond

When you need service on non-collection days, what do you do? Of course you call your waste collection contractor. But many waste disposal companies state specifically in their contracts that they will not collect beyond their collection days. If they do, they tend to ask unreasonably high fees that make you feel like an inconvenience, rather than a paying customer who needs quality service.

Avoid high costs for disposal on non-collection days by choosing a contractor that has a hotline, and choose one that allows on-call collection and disposal without excessive fees.

Above all, compliance with environmental and safety laws when collecting waste is the top priority

There are laws mandating medical waste collectors to have liability insurance, vehicle insurance, specialized training for collectors, and specifications for dedicated vehicles. If your waste collector puts medical waste inside a generic-looking pickup truck driven by a driver that appears fresh from driving school, think twice.

Medical waste collectors must use a dedicated truck modified for waste collection. The collectors and driver must be trained and certified for medical waste management, and each vehicle must be insured. Medical waste must never be collected or transported using a passenger car or pickup truck.

Follow these tips and stay free from headaches

These tips can help you find a reliable and responsible medical waste service contractor that will meet your needs. A good waste contractor will mean fewer costs and peace of mind.








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